We have been getting a lot of requests from customers to support them including research and development, production and operational improvement, quality control, technical trainings and environmental protection from our customers. At all times, our effort is to exceed customers' expectation with high level of value services.

Chemical Products

We work together as your best partner.

・Lubricant and Fuel Additives
・Detergent Composition
・Antiseptic Solution
・Cleaners & Disinfectants


We strongly support you to make your machinery to run well as an expert on lubrication.

・Cars or Motorcycles
・Industrial Lubricants
・Marine Lubricants
・Mobil SHC Synthetic Lubricants
・Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants

Manufacturers' List

We focus on the stable supply of superior products through safe business operations and corporate compliances.

・ExxonMobil Chemical
・Gulf Oil
・RSC Bio Solutions