"Harmony among people, among nations"

Ever since our establishment in 1927, this philosophy has been taken over in our minds. We have dedicated ourselves to our business with this mind to foster trust with our customers, suppliers and all of our business partners.

Health, Safety, Security, Environment and High Ethics Standard have been set as core values of our business process, and we will continue to enforce these core values for our sustainable growth.

Requests from our customers have been changing with the times including internationalization, improvement of productivity, environmental issues and lots of new product development. We carefully deal with these requests by offering good products and services.

We will flexibly and efficiently act in response to the change of social situation from customers' perspective and devote considerable effort to innovate changes in the future.



  • While supplying outstanding products stably, we contribute to development of a wealthy community and economic growth with offering safe and delightful services.
  • Building trust with customers is the first priority of all our business activities.
  • We are headed to the creative company which goes ahead of the times.
  • We contribute to society by demonstrating personal responsibilities for the safety, environmental protection and code of conduct as good corporate citizens.
  • We aim at the company trusted by customers with offering good products and services to increase customer satisfaction.
  • We aim at the company which values employee's autonomy, creativity and spirit of challenge through our free and generous corporate culture.
  • We respond to our shareholder's expectation by making our best efforts to progress permanently on the basis of a wholesome and fair management.
  • We always care about the improvement of technical innovation and efficiency through all our corporate activities.

ISO 9001 Quality Policy
  • SSOH aims to contribute to our customers’ growth and to be a company winning the trust of customers by providing them with superior products and services which meet or exceed their expectations.
  • We understand deeply that our future depends greatly on the customers’ satisfaction to our contribution and their trust to our company.
  • We are committed to continuously improving the product quality, service and business process to increase the customer satisfaction and the trust.